On 18 June 2019, experts from International Monetary Fund (IMF) – Karim Foda, Kanghoon Keah and Marijus Bernatavičius visited the Lithuanian Social Research Centre and met with the researchers from the Labour Market Research Institute. Every year, representatives of IMF visit Lithuania, evaluate its social and economic situation, as well as development perspectives and present conclusions and recommendations for Lithuania. During their mission, experts meet with representatives of the Presidency, the Government, the Seimas, the Bank of Lithuania and of other institutions. During the meeting with the researchers from LSRC the following issues were discussed: situation on the labour market (with a special focus on mismatch between labour supply and demand), the impact of migration on employment, the impact of the new Labour Code on the labour market, labour productivity trends. The IMF experts were provided with statistical information on the above issues.

Moment of visit: