Institute of Sociology at the Lithuanian Centre for Social Sciences (LCSS IS) is a reliable and professional research partner, cooperating with public and private institutions in Lithuania and abroad.

Phone: (+370 5) 211 3774

Knowledge dissemination services

We present to the public the results of the LCSS IS research. We are ready to join your events – conferences, forums, discussions, and seminars – and present the results of the LCSS IS research that are relevant to you / your organization.

We communicate with journalists and provide expert comments on articles, reports, and news.

Knowledge application - expert services

Based on our research results, we help to justify public policy goals and measures, and to evaluate their results. We participate in the preparation of policy programs, strategies, draft laws and amendments thereto based on the input of LCSS IS researchers in a particular field of research.

We advise public and private sector organizations and bodies on theoretical and methodological issues of applied and fundamental research.

Knowledge creation – research services

Experienced LCSS IS researchers recognized in the country and abroad carry out high-quality applied and fundamental research on demand.

Platform for strengthening professional skills of researchers

We accept from Lithuania and abroad:

  • undergraduate and postgraduate university students to practice on the LCSS IS base;
  • early stage doctors in social sciences for post-doctoral internships;
  • experienced researchers for short-term and long-term internships.

We organize training in the field of LCSS IS research topics for the staff of various institutions.

We collaborate with different institutions in the development of scientific research events – conferences, seminars and lectures in the field of social research.


  • We are a team of more than 50 scientists in the field of social sciences whose quality of work is highly evaluated by international auditors (more).
  • LCSS IS researchers have extensive experience in consulting the Government of the Republic of Lithuania and institutions subordinate to the Seimas.
  • We are members of various international professional organizations: European Consortium for Sociological Research (ECSR), Trade Union related Research Institutes (TURI) network, International Sociological Association (ISA), European Sociological Association (ESA), European Network of Science and Technology Cooperation (COST), etc., and we also cooperate with universities and research institutes in other countries.
  • We strictly follow the principles of research ethics and data protection.

We invite you to use our services and establish long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships.