This research was funded by a grant (Nr. S-MIP-21-57) from the Research Council of Lithuania.

Project leader: dr. Edikas Kriaučiūnas
Project duration: 2021 09 01 – 2024 03 31

The main idea of the research project is to discover the peculiarities of the impact of local social actors (various local communities and their leaders, etc.) on the development trajectories in peripheral regions in Lithuania, suffering from fast depopulation. The research is targeted to the revelation of the revelation of peripheral regions and their development trajectories. The analysis of impact of local leader and communities is the next step of the project. Though the depopulation of most peripheral rural areas of Lithuania, just like in other European countries, is inevitable, its consequences depend on the sociodemographic structure that emerges in declining regions. One of the most important factors that shape the appeal of specific peripheral regions are local communities. Revelation of these local differences is one of the tasks of the project. At present there is quite a lot of studies targeted to municipal or especially county and country levels, but little is done on the level, which is actual place of residence of people or every day space, where “everybody knows everybody”, where “face to face“ contacts are essential and quality of which actually is the most important for everyone’s life. Obviously one of the reasons of different success of different places is related to different activities of local actors and local communities first of all. Understanding the interrelation of newcomers and local communities, differently performing in quite similar general post-soviet social structures, is the second task. How local responses can withhold global and regional challenges in our societies is still uncertain. Understanding formation of communities and effective leadership is the third task. The main goal of the project is the determination of the impact of effective leadership at community level for the development trajectories of peripheral rural places in Lithuania.