Project duration: 2019 05 01 – 2022 04 30
Project leader: dr. Andrius Marcinkevičius

A project is funded by the national programme of the Lithuanian Research Council.

The project investigates how ethno-confessional identity is constructed by members of different generations of Russian Orthodox and Poles Catholics in Lithuania.

The project aims to identify the main social factors that shape the processes of social inclusion or exclusion of these social groups in different contexts as reflected by informants and as revealed in mass media and archival documents. The cases of Russian Orthodox and Poles Catholics enable to address the questions of interplay of ethnic and confessional identities in different generations, and how belonging to religious and ethnic minority (Russian Orthodox) and ethnic minority but religious majority (Poles Catholic) in Lithuania shape the processes of social inclusion or exclusion in different social contexts identified by informants.

The researchers will make the overview and analysis of policies and legal documents that regulate the rights of traditional religious communities in Lithuania since 1990; analyse the selected historical documents in archives to reconstruct the developmental path of particular ethno-religious communities; aim to identify how ethno-confessional commonalities and differences are reflected in historical documents; conduct analysis of printed media in Polish and Russian languages and periodical publications issued by selected religious communities to identify the prevailing themes and issues addressed; conduct qualitative fieldwork among ethno-religious communities of Russian Orthodox and / or Poles Catholics in Vilnius, Kaunas, Visaginas, Švenčionys, Šalčininkai.