Project duration: 2020-06-25 – 2020-12-31
Project leader: chief researcher dr. Laima Okunevičiūtė Neverauskienė

The changes in the business environment caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have had a particularly severe impact on the labour market, as it has not only had to adapt to demands, but also deal with the objective need to form a system of mitigation of the negative consequences suffered by both the unemployed and the employed, as well as a system of measures to encourage and support their pro-active behaviour. The aim is to assess economic, social and psychological changes in employment, examine the expectations of those who have lost their jobs, and those who are working, with regards to future prospects of the labour market, and evaluate readiness to actively participate in addressing employment issues and other relevant problems. Taking into account the empirical results, recommendations and measures, based on the best scientific and practical experience of Lithuania and foreign countries, are being prepared in cooperation with public administration institutions to mitigate the negative effects and maintain the balance in the labour market in the long run.