LITHUANIAN SOCIAL RESEARCH CENTRE (LSRC) is a public research institute that carries out fundamental and applied social research significant to the society. With a history of more than 40 years, the LSRC is striving to become a centre of excellence for high-quality national and international research and an important venue for the training of doctoral students in Sociology and Economy. Today Lithuanian Social Research Centre is the home of five research institutes (Institute of Sociology, Labour Market Research Institute, Institute of Human Geography and Demography, Institute for Ethnic Studies, and Institute for Social Welfare Research) that implement Long-term Research and Development Programme of the LSRC funded by the state budget, as well as national and international research projects funded by the Research Council of Lithuania, the European Union, and other international bodies and organizations, including industry and business entities.

The mission

The Mission of the Centre is to analyze the socio-economic, political and demographic processes in order to help our clients in governments and public or private sector make better, research-based decisions. In close cooperation with the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, academic, national and international research institutions, public and private entities and social partners, the Lithuanian Social Research Centre aims to assist decision-makers across the full range of social issues and to contribute to the strengthening of education and research community. The LSRC also acts as a hub for thinking about how research and analysis needs to adapt in the face of rapid social change, regularly publishing new approaches in journals and at international conferences.


  • To carry out theoretical, strategic and applied research in fields of social economy and social policy, sociology and demography;
  • To provide policy and decision makers with innovative, research-based solutions, relevant to the strategic objectives of the Lithuanian economic and social development;
  • To integrate the network of sociologists, demographers, social economy researchers, social geographers and other social scientists in order to facilitate the delivery of in-depth knowledge on social issues and instigate breakthroughs in social research.

Lithuanian Social Research Centre was Established on the 31 December 2009 by the Resolution No. 1796 of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania of 23 December 2009 On the Reorganisation of the Institute for Social Research and the Institute of Labour and Social Research. From 1 January 2010 the Centre accepts all rights and duties of the reorganised Institute for Social Research and the Institute of Labour and Social Research.